Russian's favorite sports that they bet on

While Russians are subject to some pretty strict guidelines when it comes to betting, this regulation has not negatively impacted their love for sports. As is the case with people from all over the world, Russians go to great lengths to enjoy a good game. If you go by what theMinistry of Sports of the Russian Federation report indicated, the sports lovers are many. At least 54 million Russians watch one kind of sport. Some are into football; others cannot get enough of ice hockey while others are all about volleyball. Let us look at the most popular sports in Russia, which attract bettors to place wagers in offshore betting platforms:


Russian's football team

This sport is the most popular sport to watch and bet on in Russia. As much as the country may not have the best football team, Russians enjoy a good football game. Hockey clubs tend to be the most successful teams in Russia, and you would think that they would garner more support. But this is not the case, as Russians come together to support football teams, both within and without the country. The first football players to Russia were thanks to Savva Morozov, a famous Russian industrialist. His invitation took place before the October Revolution when people regarded football as an extremely violent sport. Times and perceptions have since changed, prompting more people to engage in the sport, both physically and through betting. The first USSR Football championship took place in 1923, and since then, more Russians have embraced the sport. The national football team has also progressed to the point of qualifying for UEFA Euro 2020. And with this growth, more Russian citizens have taken to placing wagers in the hope of winning big.

Ice Hockey

Russian's ice hockey team

This traditional sport has been in play for a long time and falls into the category of other sports such as ice skating and playing chess. And if you think about it, the sport suits the Russian climate which favors winter sports. Russians have played ice hockey for such a long time and excelled in it, making a mark in the international scene. If you go through world rankings, you are sure to come across Russia. The national team has done so well in the past and even walked away as the winner in the 2008 IIHF World Championship.

The game, set in a cold environment, is quite captivating, owing to the danger aspect and the fast-paced setting. Did you know that players often end up with broken bones and lost teeth? Yes, that is part of the action, and yet, many people are still down with engaging in the game. And with this large number of fans come a large number of bookies offering their services. Who would not want to bet on a team that keeps winning even if the odds are stacked against them?


Russian's volleyball team

Another popular sport in Russia is volleyball. That is quite interesting given the love for ice hockey and football, which call for a lot of contacts. Volleyball is contactless, but this does not take away from its engaging nature, with many people lining up in its support. If you are not the kind to enjoy the violence meted out between players in hockey and football, this is a good option. And the teams do pretty well, giving you a high chance of making some good money from wagering.

Take the men’s team as an example. It has been making moves since 1948 and has many wins to its name. These include 6 World Cups, 6 World Championships, and 12 European Championships. The team will go far in the years to come.


Russian's basketball team

Many people think of this sport as one that can withstand any change, including recession. Back in the post-Soviet period, Russia was home to a basketball team that fell under world-class standards. Over time, it started falling into a crisis that seemed to get worse by the day. After 16 years of struggle, the team made its way back to the pitch. And even after causing lots of disappointment to its fans over the years, the team still retained its fans, who continue placing wagers on its outcomes.

Tennis, figure skating, e-sports, and chess are other sports on which Russians love placing wagers. Which is your preferred sport?