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 Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan | UNDP in Uzbekistan

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Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan
Further liberalization of economy, welfare improvement and public governance reform remain top priorities for the Government at current stage of social and economic transitions. So far, the government has managed to ensure a certain progress, including the achievement of financial and fiscal stabilization, convertibility, and launching of public administration reform. At the same time, the country continues to face challenges in its development efforts. While the country was able to avoid a major output decline, its economic growth still remains modest. Ensuring rapid growth rate is of particular importance and requires a complex of macroeconomic and institutional reforms as well as possession by the government of policy alternatives and scenarios to choose from.
Previously, the decision making process on policy issues in Uzbekistan was highly centralized within the government structures. Recently the government is increasingly committed to maintain dialogue with other development partners, including experts and civil society, in addressing development issues and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
Being the Government's trusted partner in the area of social and economic development, the UNDP has initiated the Support to Reform Process project, to render assistance to the Government in cross-sectoral policy analysis, formulation, monitoring and evaluation, promoting dialogue between public and private sectors, and advocacy.
To create a platform for nationwide debates on development issues to promote social and economic reforms through policy advice, piloting and integrating new ideas and concepts, and accompanied by policy monitoring and evaluation.
Achievements & expected results
Policy formulation brought closer to the public through initiation of public policy discussions and making available knowledge and expertise of international and national expert communities;
“Think tank” concept to be widely mainstreamed in Uzbekistan contributing to development of national think tanks and rapidly increasing their role in policy formulation and decision-making processes as a reliable and credible source of analyses and expertise;
A number of policy studies on improving the living standards to be undertaken, serving as the baseline for broad-based dialogue on poverty reduction issues, and resulting in initiation of comprehensive Welfare Improvement Strategy;
Policy papers on governance and decentralization issues served as background and input to initiation of a full-scale public governance reform;
E-readiness assessment of the country along with implementation of ICT related projects, contributed to elaboration of National ICT Development Strategy;
Recent initiatives include Statistical Project, Tourism Development, National Human Development Reports, Land Reform, Employment Generation, Family Assets Mobilization that in total could create significant inputs for developing national development strategies.
Project ID: 00045192
Status: Completed
Duration: 01/06/2005 - 30/04/2012
Management Arrangements: NEX

Total Budget: USD 3,779,058

Total Delivery:
Year Amount
(USD Thousands)
2008 555
2009 825
2005 425
2006 594
2007 512
2010 667
2011 561

Contributions by donors
UZB Government USD 1,333,633.00
UNDP USD 2,307,509.00
Project Address
5, Usman Nosir str. 1st tupik, Tashkent, 700070
Tel.:(998) 71 54 39 67 (68, 70, 71, 72)
Web site:http://www.cer.uz
Contact Person

Ms. Bekhzod Djamalov

Project Manager

Mr. Bakhodur Eshonov
Project Manager

Project Personnel
Narghiza Alikulova
PR&Content Specialist
Latif Norov
Tasks Manager
Bekhzod Djamalov
Assistant Project Manager
Ilyas Ayserkenov
Layout Clerk
Victor Abaturov
Head of Digest
Azizkhan Khankhodjaev
Project Executive Officer
Khayotkhon Mirzakhmedova
Information officer
Bakhtiyor Nasimov
NC/Thematic Block (
Alexander Kashubin
IT Specialist
Azat Irmanov
Research Coordinator on Institutional Development of ER magazine
Contact person in UNDP

Mr. Zarif Jumaev
Programme Specialist

Last update
Focus area
1. Poverty reduction and MDG management

Sector and Sub-Sector
1. Economic Management
1.1 Macro-economic policy and planning

Geographic focus

UNDAF outcome
1. Economic well-being of vulnerable groups is improved. (residents of economically under-developed, mainly rural areas; women, particularly home-based workers; labour migrants and their families; children, particularly most-at-risk a

Expected outcome
1.1 Capacity of the central and local authorities enhanced to develop and implement economic and social security policies aimed at welfare improvement of vulnerable groups.

1.1.1. Strengthened government capacity at national and local levels to improve macroeconomic forecasting, innovation, and to collect, analyze and report data in line with the Millennium Development Goals and other international standards.

Implementing Agency / Main Partners