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 UNDP Central Asian Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management: “Climate Risk Management in Uzbekistan” project (CA-CRM) | UNDP in Uzbekistan

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UNDP Central Asian Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management: “Climate Risk Management in Uzbekistan” project (CA-CRM)
The society is vulnerable to the impacts of dangerous climate related events that are presented over the all scales. Impacts of extreme events, related to climate change are very diverse. Many of them represent significant risks to the key drivers of the economy, human welfare and the environment, lead to long term and complicated consequences, depriving people of housing, water and food supplies pollution, to problems in the field of health, loss of jobs from which their very existence is dependent.

In the face of climate change observed in Uzbekistan, increasing frequency of natural hazards arouses concern and need to develop a more effective climate risk management. Each step towards the reduction of the effects of extreme climate related events is a step towards improving the security of society and achieving sustainable development.

Central Asian Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management (CA-CRM) is designed to reduce climate risks, enhance adaptive capacity, and encourage the development of early warning measures, and it creates a basis for attracting long-term investments aimed at increasing resilience to climate impacts in the region. CA-CRM is implemented at two levels: national (includes 5 national components) and regional.

Multi-country/regional component of CA-CRM aims to: (i) strengthen human resource capacity to manage the risks of climate change, (ii) disseminate at the global, multi-country and national levels the knowledge and lessons learned as a result of changes introduced into national development processes in order to include the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, (iii) increase knowledge and awareness about the degradation of glaciers in Central Asia.

This project is a national components of CA-CRM aimed at climate risk management in Uzbekistan. This component aims to reduce climate-related disasters, initiate adaptation to climate change, and integrate climate risk management into the development policies and strategies of Uzbekistan.
To stimulate the reduction of the risk of occurrence of natural disasters related to climate change, as well as to ensure the integration of climate risk management in the development of key strategies and plans in the Republic of Uzbekistan
Achievements & expected results
• Strengthening the institutional framework and technical capacity with an aim to an integrated approach to managing risks and opportunities of climate change at national, sub- national and local levels;
• Improving strategies and legislation taking into account resilience issues to climate change for the priority sectors of the economy and geographical regions of the country;
• Develop a mechanism to coordinate and to secure long-term funding, aimed at supporting the implementation of measures on climate risk management;
• Implementation of measures on climate risk management in priority sectors of the economy;
• Dissemination of knowledge on approaches to integration of issues related to risks posed by climate variability and climate change into the national development processes at national, sub-national and local levels
Project ID: 00076245
Status: Ongoing
Duration: 01/03/2010 - 31/12/2014
Management Arrangements: DEX

Total Budget: USD 800,000

Total Delivery:
Year Amount
(USD Thousands)
2011 103

Contributions by donors
UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery USD 600,000.00
UNDP USD 200,000.00
Contact Person

Ms. Natalya Agaltseva
Natalya Agaltseva

Project Personnel
Ms. Natalya Agaltseva
Project Manager
Mr. Azamat Mahmudov
Administrative/Finance Assistant
Contact person in UNDP

Ms. Rano Baykhanova
Climate Change Specialist

Last update
Focus area
3. Environment and sustainable development

Sector and Sub-Sector
7. Natural Resources, Environment and Mining
7.1 Sector policy and planning
7.8 Climate change

Geographic focus

UNDAF outcome
4. Principles of sustainable development integrated into country policies and programs.

Expected outcome
2.1 Increased availability of institutional products and services for the conservation and sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.

2.1.2. Strengthened legal and institutional frameworks and enhanced government capacities to meet international commitments and obligations.