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 Integrated Water Management and Water Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin | UNDP in Uzbekistan

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Integrated Water Management and Water Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin
The World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg 2002, recognized the importance of integrated water resources management (IWRM) in meeting sustainable development goals. The Summit Implementation Plan calls for nations to develop integrated water resources management and water use efficiency plans by 2005, with support to developing countries, through actions at all levels. Paragraph 26(c) of the Plan states that countries should “Improve the efficient use of water resources and promote their allocation among competing users in a way that gives priority to satisfaction of basic human needs and balances the requirements of preserving or restoring ecosystems and their functions, in particular in fragile environments, with human, domestic, industrial and agriculture needs, including safeguarding drinking water quality.”

During 2005, the United Nations Environment Program supported the Government of Uzbekistan in completing a roadmap for integrated water resources management to expedite the process of preparing a plan. This process identified the following priorities: 1) the need to establish intersectoral councils for IWRM, 2) creation of the legislative and policy framework for IWRM that includes adoption of a new water code and law on water users associations by 2008, 3) development of an IWRM plan by 2009, 4) introduction of water charges for use and discharge by 2012, and 5) development of master plans for use and protection of water resources by 2012.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (MAWR) requested that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) provide assistance in developing the integrated water resources management and water use efficiency plan for . The Preparatory Assistance Phase was conducted from September 2007 through January 2008. A consultative process involved a broad range of stakeholders in the Project design. As a result of extensive input, the focus of the Project was agreed to. At the national level the program focus will be to develop a modern legislative basis for the water sector. IWRM and water efficiency use planning will take place within a single river basin, the Zarafshan, on a pilot basis where successful results can be scaled up to the national level during a possible second phase program.
Overall objective of the Project is to develop a National Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Use Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin of Uzbekistan, to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework for the water sector, and to support the integration of water management issues into relevant intersectoral policy frameworks.
Achievements & expected results
To achieve the output, the project will perform the following activities:

- Improved Legal and Institutional Framework for Integrated Water Resources Management in ;

- Improved Water Communal Services and Utilities within the Zarafshan River Basin of Uzbekistan;

- Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Use Efficiency Plan for the Zarafshan River Basin of Uzbekistan.

Expected results:

Activity Result 1:  Modernized National Water Legislation;
Activity Result 2: Integrated Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation of the Zarafshan Basin of Uzbekistan;
Activity Result 3:  IWRM and Water Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin of Uzbekistan.
Project ID: 00072626
Status: Ongoing
Duration: 04/01/2010 - 04/01/2013
Management Arrangements: NEX

Total Budget: USD 1,205,451.00

Total Delivery:
Year Amount
(USD Thousands)
2010 148
2011 325

Contributions by donors
UNDP USD 1,136,164.68
Government (in-kind) USD 46,206.00
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation USD 23,080.32
Project Address
1, Shayhontohur str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, 100003
Tel.:(998) 71 2412780
Fax:(998) 71 2419182
National Project Coordinator
Shavkat Rakhimovich Khamraev
Contact Person

Mr. Ulugbek Islamov

Project Personnel
Ms. Gaukhar Kudaybergenova
Training, Education and Outreach Specialist
Mr. Bakhodir Mirzaev
Water Resources Management Specialist
Ms. Malika Ikramova
Component Manager
Mr. Sardor Gulyamov
Field Specialist
Mr. Ulugbek Islamov
Project Manager
Mr. Alaviddin Khamazaev
Ms. Abdullaeva Nazira
Administrative/Finance Assistant
Contact person in UNDP

Mr. Azamat Tashev
Land & Water Management Specialist

Last update
Focus area
3. Environment and sustainable development

Sector and Sub-Sector
7. Natural Resources, Environment and Mining

Geographic focus

UNDAF outcome
1. Economic well-being of vulnerable groups is improved. (residents of economically under-developed, mainly rural areas; women, particularly home-based workers; labour migrants and their families; children, particularly most-at-risk a

Expected outcome
1.1 Capacity of the central and local authorities enhanced to develop and implement economic and social security policies aimed at welfare improvement of vulnerable groups.

1.1.1. Strengthened government capacity at national and local levels to improve macroeconomic forecasting, innovation, and to collect, analyze and report data in line with the Millennium Development Goals and other international standards.

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