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Bringing ICT into Uzbekistan`s Courts
printer-friendly 29/01/2013

Uzbekistan has been actively undertaking measures to increase the efficiency of its justice proceedings by introducing modern ICT into court activities. The development and introduction of such technology and information systems will support parties in civil litigations, while simplifying civil proceedings.

The ‘Civil Justice Reform: Effective Court Management’ project together with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, engaged with counterparts in Malaysia and South Korean to learn the court practices and understand the legislation of introducing modern Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) into court activities.

Participants from Uzbekistan visited the Supreme Courts of Malaysia and South Korea, Centers on the Introduction of ICT, and First Instance Courts. The participants also learned about the judicial systems of the countries they visited, participated in several judicial processes where e-justice systems were used, and learned about the courts infrastructure and special data centers which help to protect court information from unauthorized access.

In addition, we were able to come to an agreement with the Supreme Courts of Malaysia and South Korea regarding the introduction of modern ICT into Uzbekistan’s court activities. The practical knowledge and experience gained during the visit will be applied during the development of Uzbekistan’s Supreme Courts’ plan to develop and introduce a system of e-justice in the civil courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To help make this process successful, the learned foreign experience will be discussed with different levels of court representatives at seminars and roundtables.

UNDP ‘Civil Justice Reform: Effective court management’ project offers technical assistance in strengthening the institutional framework of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s civil courts. This is achieved through the development of favorable conditions for the further improvement of civil justice in legislation and in practice, through enhancing population access through e-justice implementation, and through enhancing the enforcement of court decisions. The project is also working to strengthen the institutional framework of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s civil courts through increasing public awareness of the legal measures of human rights protection, and through providing enhanced civil justice efficiency.

Representatives of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Justice, the Center of Computerization and the IT Development organization ‘UZINFOCOM’, and the Chairpersons of the Tashkent and Kashkadarya Regional Civil Courts, participated in an engaging study tour to Malaysia and South Korea.

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