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Rights of persons with Disabilities – New Trends and Challenges in Development
printer-friendly 21/09/2012

According to the World Report on Disability[1], there are more than a billion people with some form of disability in the world. They constitute about 15 percent of the world's population, being “the world’s largest minority”.

A series of conferences and workshops have been successful in bringing together UNDP disability practitioners and experts, and providing a reliable learning space.

This year Uzbekistan is hosting the 5th Community of Practice meeting on issues related to rights of persons with disabilities (PWD). During the two-day event[2]  participants will talk about regional and national development plans and projects, best practices on PWDs access to justice, communication and accessibility of information, concept of social enterprises, employment and income generation.

Since 2008, with support from UNDP, in Uzbekistan the number of PWD, who now have jobs increased more than three-fold and a new legislation on accessibility for PWD was adopted.

Last year the UN Partnership Fund to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities started its work and is supporting the efforts of national authorities, local and international organizations to promote disability rights and social inclusion of PWDs. 

As part of efforts to promote the rights of PWD within the organization, this year UNDP launched the Diversity Awards to increase inclusive employment through recruitment and staffing, communication and premises accessibility. Also all UNDP staff undergo a special course on disabilities - “Persons with Disabilities. Ability. Capability. Employability”.

[2] The event will from 24-25th September, please see agenda for further details

 Agenda - 5th Community of Practice meeting (22.29 Kb)

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